13 digit number to be introduced for M2M devices

Government is planning 13 digit nnumber for M2M device communication .

DoT asked all the network providers to issue 13 digit numbers to all the Sim-based machine to machine devices.

M2M  is that which involves work done with communication between devices without human interference.

The reason to issue 13 digit number for SIM M2M devices is to provide more security and also that this is necessary for the future because not only phones will be the smart devices but many like cars,lights,refridgerator etc which need their identification numbers to communicate.

This will be implemented from 1st july,2018.”From this date onwards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated 13-digit numbers only.Migration of existing 10-digit M2M numbers will start latest by October 1, 2018 and shall be completed by 31 December, 2018,” a senior BSNL officer said in a statement.

“From this date onwards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated l3-digit numbers only,” the department stated in their note.This change won’t effect any of our mobile numbers ie 10 digit numbers.

Some of the application of M2M include home alarms, navigation devices, speed cameras ,a gas, electricity or water meter communicating information it records such as consumption level, or a vending machine alerting distributor when stocks run low, or transmission of data about personal appliances,Refrigerators alerts about the items running out.

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