3-D printing

In the not too distant future common household mishaps- a broken coffee mug or a lost screw-won’t
require a trip to the hardware store instead you will just click the correct  template on your home 3-d printer
and manufacture a replacement yourself.the technology of 3-d printing is moving fast and it may be among the next disruptive forces in many fields

The science behind 3-d printing


The technology that makes 3-d printing possible has its roots in experiments that led to the development of photography 200 years ago . scientists realised that certain material undergo chemical changes when exposed to light
One common method of 3-d printing called stereolithography was first developed in
the 1980’s.it creates objects by exposing light sensitive polymers called photopolymer a to ultraviolet rays from a laser.

photo polymers start as a combination of several substances a large molecule that may be an acrylic or a form of plastic ,a small molecule to
keep the mixture in an initial liquid state and a photo initiator that when exposed to light of the right wavelength,causes the other two substances to bind into a solid form
So that is the material being used and science behind this printing
Nowadays this 3-d printing technology is really helping startups and youngsters to convert their idea into a real product.
Today it is being used in many fields like aviation , medicine ,model making etc
But as the coin have two sides due to 3-d printing slowly the human handcraft talent is coming
down which is not that good so
What I think is it would be better if we use 3-d printing without discouraging handcraft

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