Do you ever come across the word HDR ? I think you have come across the word HDR atleast 1 time for sure.But do u guys ever thought about HDR? How is it different from normal one?when do we use it? What is the advantage? If Not,continue reading this article .

HDR stands for high dynamic range.This is actually the amount of luminance in a scene. ie the ratio of the lighter areas to the darker areas in a photograph .Instead of taking a single picture ,HDR takes 3 clicks of different exposures like under exposure,over exposure ..and finally presents you the a well uniform vivid picture.HDR should be turned on only under few cases like too much light ,low light situations.

Lightening is the most important aspect of the photography.But too much lightening on one’s face causes the dark pictures,unflattering characteristics ,shadows etc which does not give pleasant appearance to the photo.
Under low light conditions,if you take a photo it would be too much dark.So,that does not look clear and neat.

Neither the photograph is taken under too much Light or under the low light conditions, because the photo won’t be good.So what to do?Under these conditions,HDR is the best one to use .
HDR takes the over exposure click and under exposure click and selects the best part from the photos and gives you the perfect picture.
You have learnt about the situations of using HDR .There are also the situations where HDR should not be used .The situations like photos in movement .HDR captures three photos of different exposures but when we take the picture of moving one then it can’t take 3 photos perfectly.They may be blur .So ,it should not be used under such cases .Remember that the camera should not be moved immediately after the snap because some phones will take time to process the photo .In case of high constrast scenes ,it should not be used.If you want to highlight the shadow then HDR Will make it less intense making the photo less interesting.
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