We love to have a pen that can be used to draw 3 dimensional pictures. So ,that passion led to the development of the 3D pen.
The 3Doodler pen is a 3 D pen developed by Peter Dilworth,Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen of Wobbleworks Inc.

A 3D pen uses the plastic ABS material (or PLA) which is also present in many 3D printer .The 3 doodler contains a mains powered electric heater that melts the given material .It cools up as it come out from the end just like thermoplastic that hardens in few seconds.The plastic filament is fed to the heating chamber ,molten plastic is pushed from the extruder nozzle.Just plug into your power socket and can start drawing anything within minutes.To draw /use ,insert the ABS plastic or PLA into the pen.We can alter the speed by using arrow as the speed regulator. Press/ hold the pen button to regulate speed of the pen you want. Watch that it comes out from the tip of th pen.To switch colors ,press both buttons such that plastic ejects from the back .Then slips to another color.A 3D pen can generate 3-Dimensional shapes and can draw pictures on surface ,air and requires no computer.Color does not switch immediately as the old one is present in it which comes out by printing a little.

-This can be used for decorative purposes and small parts can be weld together ,to repair.
-Used to draw 3 doodles ,3D shapes , moulds,jewellery etc.
-It is eco – friendly.
-It is fast.
-It has the simple process which makes user to use easily.
-It is not a toy ,not meant for the children under 12 years old.

Pros 3D PEN :

3D pen is portable and can be used anywhere.
3D pen is the only pen through which we can draw in air.
3D pen allows us to draw instant moulds,drawings etc.
3D pen uses the ABS or PLA which will be cooled instantly on drawing.

Cons of 3D pen :

Accidental contact with the nozzle may cause hazardous problem because of the high temperature of the 3D pen .Hot end tip can break if tightened too much.

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