+9 oxidation state shown by iridium

Do you know about +9 oxidation state of iridium? Did you study about it? I think the answer would be no for most of you.

Even though this was discovered in 2014 most of the books still publish +8 oxidation state as the highest oxidation state found till now especially in India. During my JEE preparation during 2016-2018 also I have been taught that +8 is the highest oxidation state and is shown by Ruthenium and Osmium which is not correct.

oxidation states

So let us know about this  +9 oxidation state which is more or less new to us.

A team led by Mingfei Zhou at Fudan University in China have formed the [IrO4]+ cation in the gas phase using pulsed-laser vaporisation of an iridium metal target, and identified it using photo dissociation spectroscopy.


+9 oxidation states

Even though many scientists have predicted that +9 oxidation state is possible for iridium but no one was able to make a compound. Finally it was made possible in China.

Scientists said that we can even get salts of this cation and studies are still going on this cation.

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