A New Feature in Chrome- Surfing without Internet

As we all know Google chrome is one of the most popular browser. To make it more popular google has added a new feature to it.

Now we can surf the net without internet…..but wait, don’t get too excited. As we all know google stores huge collection of data about everyone of us to give more personalized experience which includes our search history also. Now Chrome is going to use this search data to download articles which its clever algorithms think would be relevant for you. These articles will be downloaded when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Once Chrome downloads it, you will be able to surf through that content only.

Even though there are limitations, it is an appreciable feature from google and will be helpful for everyone when they do not have access to internet. Using this we can read articles related to our favourite topics while we are travelling.

This seems to be a step by google to achieve its goal to provide internet to every corner of this world. Google is doing really great job

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