1.Sai Teja (co-founder)

Hey guys ,I am Sai Teja a tech lover and an aspiring blogger . I have started this blog to make you viewers know about all latest tech and tech facts.


My goals are very clear, I want to provide you with maximum information related to different aspects through various media like YouTube, blog apps etc . I already have few YouTube channels and now I have started a blog and if this blog succeeds then I will be launching an app

Interest towards computers;

I am a computer lover and learning programming from past three years,so I want to make a carrier in that field only and this blog is an internal part of that interest

so guys a kind request from me and my team is that please share our articles and support us.

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2. Soumya:(president)

Hey guys ,I am Soumya and I am tech geek, writing about tech on various websites extensively and I have a small dream to achieve big recognition .I am here to present some interesting tech related posts for you.

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