another jewel in isro’s crown-Gslv

Isro successfully launched its gsat-19 satellite using its newly developed most powerful gslvmark -3 D1 rocket

This satellite is one of most advanced and next generation satellite which is to be used for communication purpose providing high speed internet to even the remote corners of India
Besides this ISRO’s most powerful
gslvmark-3 has worked wonderfully making India and ISRO’s most affordable satellite launch destination for other countries and commercially making ISRO strong
This success is one of the biggest gem in ISRO’s crown and one of the milestones in ISRO’s success path
ISRO is now planning for manned missions to outer space using this gslvmark-3 which they have developed completely with indian it technology after 18 years of hard work

ISRO said that with this success it will be launching some more satellites into geostationary orbit and make India communication faster providing better internet speed
Specifications is the launch vehicle gslvmark-3
Height-43 meters

Vehicle diameter-4 meters

Payload (lower earth orbit)-8000 kg(max)

Payload(geostationary transfer orbit:4000kg


It has the recently developed very complex cryogenic engine in its third stage which is working very good and has become successful in its first attempt putting India in the list of few countries having this complex technology

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