AnTuTu benchmark- top android phones according to AnTuTu

Hey guys, as we know this is the era of technology which is growing very rapidly. Today everyone want best performance from the tech gadgets they use. So the company which produces best performance devices wins the race. But how do common people know about performance of the phone? For that purpose there is an application called ANTUTU which can benchmark mobiles.



Now we can download this application and you can test your mobile phone and also compare its performance with other top phones. You can verify that whether your phone’s hardware and software is really the same as told to you by the company also. And there are many features in this app for your mobile phone testing.

AnTuTu have released the list of top performing android phones according to their bench mark test.

top android phones


In this benchmark test Mi Black Shark phone wins the race and is on the top and there comes OnePlus 6 on the second position. Then comes Mi, Asus, Samsung, Sony and so on.
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