Arduino- you can do everything with this

Hey guys did you ever hear about the word Arduino .Did you ever see people making variety of robots in different science exhibitions and wonder that how do they make that ,it is possible with Arduino .


Arduino is a opensource hardware platform and is open for let us see various possibilities from Arduino.

Arduino is a hardware containing of two micro processor with some other electronic things which help in processing the programme you give to it .you get a usb port so that you can connect it to your mobile or your PC .it can be powered by usb or a battery.

Arduino Uno is the one for starters and if you are really interested you can buy it at Amazon by visiting the below given link.the cost is also very less and is around 500-600 INR

Link:amazon- arduino

There are various possibilities with Arduino you can make many things right from small led flashing light to complex gesture robots .

Actually to do this you need to have the knowledge of programming languages like c and java but Arduino has simplified this with its software where you can give commands to your Arduino with basic knowledge of programming which is really easy.

Below given are some of the pics of the robots and other things made with Arduino.

Arduino projects

Arduino car

Arduino gesture

  • Arduino robo

If you are really interested in this and want to learn about this in detail you can go to YouTube and I would recommend tutorials on Arduino by JEREMY BLUM,they are really good.

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