Artificial intelligence

Mimic of the Human Intelligence :

Artificial intelligence or AI was first coined in 1956  by John mcCarthy in Massachusetts institute of technology.Artificial intelligence is the field that the machines ,mainly computers simulates the intelligence of the humans.

AI process involves learning,reasoning, self correction.Applications of AI includes expert system, machine vision and speech recognition. These are widely used in day to day life like in video games ,business,education,finance etc.It has many simulations of software and robotics.However in games,computers are uses to act as a opponent player by this AI only.This is designed at different levels like easy,medium,difficult levels in games to select the appropriate level of AI to play against.The best computer chess programs are now capable of beating humans. In May, 1997, an IBM super-computer called “Deep Blue ” defeated world chess champion ‘Gary Kasparov’ in a chess match.AI can play much better than us and can make opponent to loose the game.They lost the game with AI.But ,there are no systems that exhibits 100% artificial intelligence.AI specialization also includes expert systems,robotics ,natural language,neuralnetworks.Natural language processing brought great potential rewards because it helps to interact with the people easily without any special knowledge.Simply we can interact with the computer.voice recognition also can be done ie it can convert the spoken words into written words.But it cannot understand the words that is writing.

AI is of 4 types .They are
REACTIVE POWER:It has ability neither to form memories nor past experiences to inform current decisions.It can use its move and what are the future moves that opponent can make .In 1990s,Deep blue has beat the kasparov,great chess player by making predictions. This machines of Deep blue and Googles alpha go were designed to use in only particular situations.

LIMITED THEORY:This AI has the feature of storing the past memories to inform future decisions.some of thedecision making functions in autonomous vehicles are made in this way.In cars,gives the current directions but not permanently.

THEORY OF MIND:This is the psychology of mind that understands the beliefs ,emotions,mindsets,desires and intentions.But this kind of AI does not exists.
SELF AWARENESS:This have the machines with self awareness and understand the current state and can use information to infer what others are feeling.This has conscious ness ie self awareness.But this AI does not exists.

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