Audio QR technology

Till now we have done data transfer via Bluetooth,WiFi ,share it etc.Now,it can be done with Ultra sound-Audio QR technology also.

Transfer of data with Bluetooth ,WiFi has high security, range but needs a specialized hardware , transmitter and receiver .

Sounds waves helps in propagation of sound , for communication between us. Think ,if in the same manner data transfer can be done via sounds then there will be lots of noise pollution . There will be different sounds of che ,pey….etc from mobiles.

Then what is solution to send data through sounds? It is just through ultrasonic frequencies .Radio waves which has frequencies above 20000 hertz can be used .We can’t hear this sounds but the speaker or the Mike of the device  can easily hear sounds . However , bandwidth is small , data can be transferred between near by devices. Data from the emitter will be transferred to the receiver in the form of 0,1 pulses . Receiver understands when emitter is on /off , receives data completely.

Recently ,launched Tez app used this technology.

It has less speed ,less range ,less bandwidth to transfer data but it requires no internet ,no Bluetooth ,no WiFi ,no special hardware so it’s also good in some aspects. .

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