Baal Aadhar

UIDAI introduces Baal Aadhar for children below 5 years. No biometric specifications like iris ,facial photograph, finger prints etc of a kid are needed for this Baal aadhar enrollment.

All the official tweets from UIDAI are-

  • A child below 5 years of age gets blue -coloured Aadhar called Baal Aadhar. When the child becomes 5 yr old, a mandatory update is required.
  • School ID of the child can be used as his/her  proof of identity for aadhar.
  • Remember to update biometric Aadhar data of your child at the age of 5 years and then again at the age of 15 years. This mandatory biometric update for children is FREE.

>If after 10 years of age limit of 5 years the regular card is not issued then Baal aadhar is suspended.

>To differentiate Baal aadhar from other aadhar ,a blue coloured aadhar will be issued.

>Aadhar enrollment requires child birth certificate and also the aadhar of one of the parent. Child aadhar will be linked to the one of the parent aadhar.

>This will be used for further studies ,scholarships etc.

How to get Baal Aadhar?

  1. Visit your nearest aadhar enrollment centre with your kid and go the form.
  2. One of the parent aadhar along with kid birth certificate is required. A photo of the kid will be taken .
  3. Parent’s and kid’s aadhar will be linked. Submit your info like mobile number and address.
  4. A confirmation SMS will be received after registration.
  5. A period of 60 days are required to get the aadhar after receiving an SMS.

So get your toddler enrolled …stay tuned for more updates…

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