Bank logos-meanings

In this digital world, we perform many bank transactions but have you ever observed their logos. Those logos mean a lot and to know the meanings of some of the bank logos ,continue reading this article.

In this Citibank logo has red arc upon letter ‘t’ in between 2 i’s. Here, this depicts an umbrella (arc with the ‘t’ as it’s handle and i’s as pillars of security) ,which acts as a symbol of protection, security to the people. C indicates globe.

Syndicate bank:
It has dog in its logo which refers that bank is trustworthy (also faithful and friendly).Orange is the unique colour choosen for it.

Canara bank:
Depicts the bond between bank and it’s stake holders from customers ,employees to investors, institutions and society at large with a “set of 2 interlinked triangles “.The colour palette and typography have been carefully chosen. It’s logotype has been hand crafted. The rich blue stability,scale and depth.This contrasts with accents of bright yellow that evokes optimism, warmth and energy.


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