Bar codes

QR code and Bar code:

Now a days we come across Barcodes / QR codes on many products .Present days they are seen on each and every product like debit cards, chocolates, tickets,brouchers,visiting cards ,online websites,paytm ,Books and for some sites also .

Bar codes are very common which have vertical white and black bars. In the supermarkets/ in malls ,when we go to the counter for billing ,they will scan every product and then billing will be done. This scanning of barcode makes the process of billing easy.

QR codes are quick response codes which are usually seen in square shaped black dots with different patterns.
Barcode stores the data in the numerical form but stores less data. The data stored can also be retrieved easily instead of typing the data manually it can extracted by barcode reader.

In inventory management the barcode helps to find out the following :
– if the customer purchases the product ,then the no. of Products in the stock will be reduced and added in the customers account.for eg.if there are 100 items in the stock and customer purchases 5items from it .Then the stock number will be reduced to 95 and the 5 items will be added into customers account.
-This makes the management of stock that is no. of items available and how many should be ordered for next.
– User can also scan the barcode of the particular product to know the details like origin,product type etc.

Bar codes consists of 0 to 9 numbers in which there will be 7 black or white bars for each number. when user scans it with a laser beam then it reflects if it is a white Bar .It doesn’t reflect incase of black  and just receiver absorbs. After scanning it makes the code of 1 for white and 0 for black. This panel sequence coding will be done for each number.(Each panel refers to the digits of 7 lines)Dividing the total code into segments by 7,we will get different panel sequences .By this the data can be retrieved. In the past ,high power bulbs are used to scan the barcode,but now it is easy to scan with the handheld barcode scanners. we can scan barcodes with our mobiles also.

But the backlog of this bar code is -the error cannot be corrected if the barcode is wiped off / cut off .
Limited data can be stored in this barcodes. To overcome this ,QR codes are introduced .
So guys hope you have gained a little knowledge about this barcodes.To know about the QR code also ,continue reading our articles .

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