Battery status sharing option in google maps

Google maps is one of the popular apps.According to the reports given  by the android police ,New feature ‘Battery status sharing’ is going to be introduced.

This feature allows users to share their battery status with their friends.A situation might demand where someone won’t believe even though the truth we say battery dead .Then ,this is the exact solution that let them understand your situation. So there may chance that they get the charger for you.This might be a simple feature but it attracts more people .Not only Battery status can be shared but also the status of charging I.e whether the phone is charging or not.

Like Antony battery level is between 10%-15% and is charging. /Antony battery level is between 10%-15% and is not charging.
There is no official information about when the feature will be rolled out to the public.
According to some reports ,there is also a feature ‘ screenshot ‘ to be introduced…So keep reading our articles for more updates…

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