Blue whale game

Blue whale -The killer game is the top most trending game across the world and   going viral now. Its attracting youth towards it. Origin of this game is from Russia .Blue whale is not a downloadable game /application i.e not available on any Google play store .It enters into the social media through secreative groups.That is the link by which we can download the game.

Very dangerous tasks are given to the player.Almost all 50 tasks are given in which last challenge is to  give up our lives . Challenges includes to watch the horror movies,to draw a whale on hand /leg with sharp objects like blades ,knives ..,cut your lip etc which are vulnerable.

List of challenges in blue whale game

These Challenges are monitored by the admin. Photos should be taken and sent to the curator as a token of proof of that challenge. They also ask to listen the music / watch the videos that have been sent by them.

One of the challenges in blue whale

About 100 people committed to suicide but there are no evidences regarding number.The death of a 14-year-old Mumbai boy earlier month, who apparently jumped off the roof of his house sparked rumours that he did it as a dare while playing the online game
It is also rumoured that if the player want to quit the game in the middle ,some of the threats (like family will be at risk )denying them to quit .So,finally they come to the last challenge to commit suicide.

So,please be careful and don’t download from the links if available .Focussing the teenagers should be done to keep away from these vicious games .Hope you have got a little knowledge about this and try to be away from this.
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