What is Blueborne?

What is Blueborne ?
It endangers mobiles ,laptops,pc’s and IoT operating systems including all android ,IOS and Linux and devices using them also .This is revealed by the Armis lab.It’s named as BLUEBORNE,as it spread through the air (airborne) and attacks devices via Bluetooth.To share files via Bluetooth we pair our devices first.But Blueborne does not need pairing.It can directly transfer the data/malware/ransomwares to devices.

Hackers can be able to operate your devices all the way with this. They can access your device and can do anything behind the scenes without our knowledge. The BlueBorne attack vector can potentially affect all devices with Bluetooth capabilities, estimated at over 8.2 billion devices todayUnlike all other malwares ,this can infect the device even if the file is not installed .Passing malware to one devices can also spread it to many connecting devices.Moreover, Bluetooth offers a wider attacker surface than WiFi, almost entirely unexplored by the research community and hence contains far more vulnerabilities.It also allows hackers to penetrate through the “air gapped” ie which are disconnected from networks to be secure .There is app ,Blueborne vulnerability scanner by Armis which can detect the malware if present and can also scan the devices which are near to us. So to keep away from such attacks keep Bluetooth turned off.Try not to use bluetooth much for sharing.
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