Can we make any natural substance in laboratory?

We humans are blessed with a unique nature surrounding us. Nature gives us everything we want, isn’t it?


In recent times some scientists in various parts of the world tried to create an artificial nature to support four or five organisms. For creating this they have spent billions of dollars and one group have successfully supported four organisms for four days. This group estimated the worth of nature.  Taking their expenditure for four organisms as the basis they calculated the price of nature which is supporting billions of organisms as some hundreds of quadrillion dollars. They concluded that even whole money on earth put together cannot reach this value.

Now this price was fixed only on the basis of life supporting but after that if we start valuing each and every substance we find on earth then you can expect where this price would be.



    Coming to the real question, can we make any natural substance in laboratory? Firstly I would say no as we cannot make elements, atoms etc.

But after that if we ask ourselves that can we make natural substances like honey, flour, milk and other things which we get from plants and animals. The answer is yes and we can make any such thing in laboratory artificially. The technology we have today makes it possible to make almost any chemical starting from constituent atoms.

milk and honey


But there is a problem in making this too. We know that we get honey, milk, flour for very low prices in the market as these are derived from nature but if we make these things in lab then these things would cost thousands of dollars to us.

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