China relaunched the world’s fastest train

China relaunched the world’s  fastest train. China has already gained the title for World ‘s fastest train with 350km/hr but due to some devasting things, trains speed limit was reduced to 250-300 km / hour. World fastest bullet train is going to start its operations from 21st September by China.

From Beijing to Shanghai whose distance is about 1250 km / hour will be travelled in 4hours 30 minutes only.Present train takes 6 hours of time to travel this distance.The new generation advanced bullet train the Fuxing ,will travel with the speed of 350km/hour. China Railway corporation said” This will be the world’s commercially used fastest train”.

In August 2008,China launched its 1st fastest train with the speed of 350 km / hour From Beijing to Tianjin. It has opened at least 3 much more high speedlines in the following years .In 2011 ,because of the crash of 2 bullet trains (in which 40 people lost their lives )trains speed was reduced to 250-300km /hour.

” The Fuxing trains were unveiled in June and are capable to clock top speeds of 400 km/h” reported by state-run Xinhua news agency .Also said “On July 27, the Fuxing trains were tested for safety and reliability at maximum speed”.According to the reports ,China has 22,000 kms high speed railway network which is about 60 % of world’s total.
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