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Hey guys,did you ever try to make any circuit and especially did you try to make one with Arduino? I work with Arduino board almost daily and I know that it is not that easy in some cases and in many cases we mess things somewhere or the other.
circuito io
  We may make faulty circuit or we can mess with the code and checking it again feels like hell. So here comes this website known as which has a web application to make Arduino circuits. We have to just drag and drop the components into the working area and their web app automatically makes the connections with Arduino and also generates code for that circuit. Aaah! How easy is it right.
circuito io also shows step by step connections to be made so that even beginners can learn it.
Not only that this web application automatically gets us the cost of every part used in the circuit and also gives us the total estimate for that project, it also provides with buy links for those parts which we used in making circuit.
This website also has a blog where they regularly post innovative projects which we can make using Arduino and other IoT related micro controllers. I personally kept reading their articles for a day and those were really really amazing.
They also have a talk section on their website which is really amazing,their we can post questions about circuits and get it clarified.
I personally suggest that you people should give this website a try for sure.
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