Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the technology ,which is a type of internet based computing,where different services such as servers ,applications,storages are delivered to the organization’s computers through the internet. Cloud is used as the metaphor for the internet .It is the use of software and a hardware to deliver a service over the internet.

It refers to the storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.In day to day life we use many services of cloud computing technology .But some know about them and some don’t .The cloud computing technologies includes gmails ,drop box services,Google photos services ie the files ,applications,data in this can be accessed in any of the devices via internet.
⊙ creating online photo album
⊙ maintaining documents through Google docs
⊙ web based email services like Hotmail,Gmail,Yahoo mail
⊙ sharing files through sendspace .
Popular social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,instagram.
These are called cloud computing services .

Can cloud computing affect privacy:
When it comes to cloud computing ,the security and privacy of personal information is extremely impotant.
~There is the risk that personal information sent to a cloud provider might be kept indefinitely or used for other purposes.
~In cloud computing data is stored ,managed and processed on remote server on internet,instead of local server.
~ Cloud computing has a collection of servers over a network .The cloud computing has the various kinds of data, applications ,software.
Users can utilize any software on cloud without installing them or he can access his file from anywhere if he has device with internet access .
Benefits of cloud computing:
>It reduces maintenance and hardware upgrading cost.
>Installation software need not be required in users computers.
>Stores data and resizes the data through cloud computing central location.
>Users can access his data from anywhere, anytime in the world.

Why they are popular:
Cloud services are popular because they can reduce the cost and complexity of owning and operating computer networks.

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