Convert your Normal Tv to an Android Tv

Xiaomi mi- box:
Xiaomi has developed a wonderful product named Xiaomi mi box with which you can convert your normal TV into and Android TV.
            It’s box looks like this
Box contents
1.the mi-box itself adaptor
3.a remote HDMI cable
The first box content is mi box itself which looks pretty good and have a sleak black design with a compact size and is a bit heavy.It comes with all the ports at back.
The remote have a stylish look but it looks close to Apple TV remote as you can see in the picture .This remote works on Bluetooth  technology.
The box also have a list of special offers you can get on some paid services.

Coming to the things this product can do.. It  can do huge change in your normal TV ,You will get all the features you get in an Android TV by using this you can use Wi-Fi and access internet through your TV itself .
In this you get many apps pre installed.
It also supports 4k display you can get 4k channels also.
The products cost is around 7000rs/- which is pretty good as you can save lots of money because to get an Android TV you have to spend lot more than normal TV .
You can buy this product on few Chinese sites.
Thank you to xiaomi for giving such a cutting edge technology to us and request to keep doing so.
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