Cryptojacking – right or wrong

Hey guys did you notice your computer working at its full capacity while using some website.if you did then this tells that the website you were using is using your cpu power to mine bitcoins which is known as cryptojacking.

These days cryptojacking is being done by some websites like pirate bay which is a torrent website.
Pirate bay
To do this thing the owner of the website uses a simple java program to use your CPU and GPU power and mines bitcoins using it and in return give you a ad free experience which looks neat and clean .
But what do you feel ,is it correct to use your CPU and GPU power without telling you?

Cryptojacking has now become a debate topic,some people who really care about their computer power  say that it is not correct to use their power without telling them and I personally feel the same what I think is cryptojacking is pretty good alternative for ads but user should be informed about it.
Some people who really don’t care about power say that what difference does it make but it makes difference,due to cryptojacking your devices consume more electricity and charged devices get uncharged very quickly
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