Deep web and dark web

I know that most of you might have heard about deep web. Deep web is becoming more and more popular these days. So let us know some things about deep web.

First of all we should know that the surface web which we can surf on google is only 4% of the whole web that is present in this world. Remaining 96% of the web is deep web.


deep web


We cannot access deep web through normal browsers, we need a special browser called the tor browser to access the deep web. This tor browser was first made only for US navy but slowly everyone got access to it.

Now as there are two sides of a coin there are both good and bad things going on, in deep web.



There are many good things about deep webs. We can find many free books which we do not find outside and there are many unpublished research papers also which are very helpful. This type of content is really very helpful to everyone. On deep web we can find information about many secret projects by different governments and information about dark side of many countries. People post this information on deep web as no one can trace their IP address. Not only these, we can find so many free materials which are extremely helpful. But there is more scary side of deep web.

When you dig deep into deep web you get to reach dark web which is the paradise of criminals. This is the place where you can find all the illegal activities going on. You can find drug markets, weapon markets etc. There is human trafficking going on there and all the violent things. Dark web is the web of fraud. There are extremely disturbing things on dark web which I won’t mention here on dark web. All the transactions here are done through bitcoins. What people say is that once you visit dark web your mental condition can be so disturbed that sometimes you can’t even return to your normal state of mind.

Now-a-days the governments are strongly trying to stop these activities on dark web. FBI and NSA have already closed many websites on dark web. But some of the activities on dark web are going on with the support of many influential and powerful people who cannot be opposed.

Warning: what I suggest is never ever access the dark web. Let me tell you the reason.

  1. Once you enter you get to see many links and if you click these links your IP address can be tracked by criminals and they can blackmail you.
  2. You can be directed to any fraud bank sites and by clicking some link it can be shown that you did some illegal activity. As governments are tracing dark web now-a-days with advanced technology you can get severely punished spoiling your life.

So I strongly suggest not to click on any dark web links which you find here and there on the web.

I hope you got enough information about deep web.

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