Did you ever see green sun?

Do you know that the sun also appears in green? Yes, that is true, even though the sun also appears in other colours like blue but that is very rare whereas green is more common and is also captured. Are you excited to know more about this, then keep reading?


Sun, being the prime source for light and energy for the whole earth, is the cause of many beautiful effects encountered on earth like the rainbow. There are many such natural phenomena caused by the sun which you might not know.  Read about Less known Solar  phenomena

Sun is generally seen in yellow, red etc. colours from earth but actually, the sun is white in colour and the reason for other colours is the atmosphere of the earth which scatters other colours and as red, yellow and orange have longer wavelength they finally reach our eyes.

We can see that the sun appears white in a photograph taken from space

sun from space

The green colour from the sun

The other colours except red, orange and yellow are not seen as they do not reach our eyes but sometimes due to some properties of our atmosphere we can see other colours from sun, green and blue being two of them

Earth’s atmosphere can act as a weak prism and can separate colours from white light. It can act more effectively as a prism during sunset and sunrise as light travels a longer distance and through more layers of air during sunset and sunrise. As we all know that blue is refracted to a greater extent by a prism one would expect the sun to appear blue but blue is preferentially scattered by the atmosphere. So, as blue is scattered by the nitrogen in the atmosphere, we see green which comes next to blue in scattering white light.


But this green colour appears only for a second or two and very rarely exists for more than that due to which people call it a green flash of sun.

To see this we need to be at a place where

  1. We can see the unobstructed horizon
  2. Air should be stable and clean there.
  3. A distant horizon (It is mostly seen near oceans but can also be seen on land sometimes)

Generally, we get to see this beautiful thing near a seashore as we have all the above conditions near the seashore.

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