Did you see pink snow?

Do you know that pink snow exists? Even though it seems to be some fiction but it is true. Are you excited to know about this then keep reading.

pink snow

Pink snow which is also known as watermelon snow, red snow or blood snow is generally found at very high altitudes and at places where snow is found round the year.

In some places, an algae known as Chlamydomonas Nivalis lives in snow. And in those places only we can find this pink snow.

This is an algae which have another red pigment in addition to green chlorophyll. This red pigment is a carotenoid pigment (astaxanthin). In winter this algae almost remains dormant.

chlamydomonas nivalis
Chlamydomonas Nivalis

In summer this red pigment gets activated and helps the algae to absorb more heat from sun and catalyze photosynthesis. It also protects the algae cell from UV radiation also.

This red pigment is the reason for pink snow. As the red mixes with general white colour of snow it gives a pink shade to snow but when the algae is in higher concentrations it also gives rosy red colour to the snow.

This snow generally smells sweet and that is why it is named watermelon snow . Recently, scientists have claimed that consuming this pinkish snow can be dangerous to digestive system.

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