Dubai mars city

United Arab Emirates which is developing tourism very rapidly and want to make its capital Dubai as a perfect holiday destination has announced a new project called mars city which will help to develop tourism as well as encourage research on Martian weather

Dubai mars city

Dubai’s prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has recently announced this 1.9 million square feet project and said that this would cost 140 million USD

In this mars city they are going to duplicate Mars’s terrain and weather as it is which would help scientists to develop technology which would be helpful for future colonies on mars. They are going to use advanced 3 d technology to create or duplicate hard terrain of our neighbouring planet.

Mars city

UAE is planning several dome shaped building for this mars city and it is believed that this would become centre of attractions for tourism and research in Dubai .
So very soon we can take an air taxi from Dubai to mid desert where the Martian city is planned and can enjoy the red planet’s weather

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