Why do dust accumulate on fans?- Anti Dust Fans

The question “Why do dust accumulate on ceiling fans?” is a common question and I am sure that many of you would be very much interested to know the answer, so keep reading to know the answer to this question and also about anti dust fans.

You might have a doubt that if fans go round so fast why don’t they throw off the dust and instead why do dust accumulate on the fan.
So here is the reason why this happens, when the fans rotate they obviously come into contact with air and when the blades rub with the air, friction comes into action and knocks of some electrons .
This creates coulombic attractions or the electrostatic attractions between the fan and the dust particles and due to this dust firmly settles on the fan .
I hope you understood the reason behind this dusting of fans . Ok.

Anti-dust Fans

Now let us talk about the anti dust fans,
As the ordinary fans get dusted quickly due to the above phenomena, some of the big companies like Orient and Crompton have launched anti dust fans recently.

These fans are coated with very special paints which are based on nanotechnology, these paints have some oleophobic compounds which have no affinity to dust.
Now-a-days these fans are also available for reasonable prices and you can buy them at websites like atomberg.com, croma.com etc
This fan is an example of need and problem leads to invention and here the problem of anti dust fans lead to the invention of anti dust fans,
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