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Five best and secure ways to earn money online
Hey friends searching for jobs online and want to make it full time job or want to do online job part-time ,if yes then continue reading .Internet is a huge ocean of opportunities but some ways are not reliable but here are the five best ways of earning online.
YouTube is one of the best ways to earn a constant and decent earning and only you have to have a passion to make good videos.Once you start uploading you can monetise your videos by linking it to Adsense and earn good money.
There are many people who earn lakhs of rupees only from YouTube with the help of adsense.

So, if you want to have a extra income best option is to go youtubing but see that you have a passion towards it and can maintain patience till you start getting money and never post bad things if you have all this thing’s then you can go for it.


Adsense is a wonderful platform developed by Google and it is very much helpful for common people in earning money.
It helps to earn money by putting advertisements on your websites and that to for no cost.
It is a very good platform for people starting new websites .Even though we cannot tell how much money you can make exactly per view as it depends on various factors like cpm and rpm etc but we can surely earn something out of it and moreover it is reliable.

3.Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of easiest and most effective way of earning if you know many.
People who often shop online and spend so much money online if yes,then continue reading.
Almost all the e-commerce websites have this affiliate program. And you can search for that company’s affiliate program online and get registered and once you are done you can get your own link for every product and if someone buys that product with your link you get some percent of money.

4.Referral program:
Many apps and companies have their referral programs that mean if you refer that particular app or company to people you know ,then you get some money .This referral program also can be reliable source of income if you can use it very intelligently. The thing you have to do is just to download a specific app which have this program and in the menu go for referral option and once people whom you referred starts using them you start getting benefits.

Fiverr is a global website which can be used to make good money if you have some art like article writing, logo designing,creative text making and so on.If you have any of the arts like this you can go to and earn a lot.

for example if you can make logos then you can earn 5$ per logo you make and in that way you can make lots of money.

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