Electro shoe

World is going a head in technology ,creativity,development …but one thing that it  has been continuing from years long is ‘attacks on women’.


The sexual harrassment has not declined even though there are many women protection acts like nirbhaya act,she teams etc. .So,hoping that at least 50 out 100 rapes would be controlled,a 17 years old boy named siddarth Mandala has came up with an invention of a slipper named ‘electro shoe’.He is an inventor and enterprenuer ,and the founder of cognizance welfare initiative. He was 15 years old at the time of nirbhaya rape and participated in the rally too .He said that “I used my own knowledge and internet and  my friend,with  Abishek’s help.I made something that  could stop people becoming victims of rape .” .Frustrated,disappointed and at last decided himself to do something.
This made him to come up with the slipper .

This slipper has inflicted 0.1 ampere of electricity to electrocute the perpetrators and passes an alert message to friends,police and family members .

He has created a unique circuit that uses the the concept of piezoelectricity and recharges the battery with the footsteps .(This has a sensor that when the rapists touch the women /victim it passes the current to the attacker).He applied for the patent rights and as soon as it gets the permission ,the product will be launched into the market. The more the user walks ,more the energy created and stored in the battery .

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