Elon musk plans to replace aeroplanes with rockets

Hey guys do you have a wish to travel in rockets if you do then it is going to turn into reality very soon.Want to know how then keep reading.
Elon musk ,a name which doesn’t require introduction is now planning to fly people between various places in rockets.

Space x

As we all know that if we travel on earth there is an opposing force known as air resistance so, Elon plans to make reusable rockets which first takes you to great height where air resistance is negligible and then attain huge speed.

The thing which will thrill you is the speed of travel in this mode it is whoping 27000 kmph.

Space x


With this speed you could travel between New York and Shanghai within 39 minutes which would save a lot of time of course.

You might be thinking that if it involves such powerful rocket it would cost so much ,but it is not like that Elon says that he will bring this mode of travel into market with a ticket price equal to cost of average economy class ticket in an aeroplane ,that is great .

Elon musk prestigious projects

Elon has already given a presentation on this and plans to start this as soon as possible.


I am eagerly waiting for it and think that you would also be excited to travel in these rockets.

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