We usually follow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…and many social networking sites .We share all the videos ,images,files,information etc in these sites and spend hours together .But ,a distinct social networking site has launched ie Emotely. Emotely is to express our emotional feelings and to share them .

Emotely is the first social network for sharing emotions.This is available in ios operating system…

  •  With the different kinds of emotions , express your feelings on any topic
  • follow the feelings of family, friends or other public accounts and also see how people react to your feelings.
  • easily ping any of your contacts to see how they’re feeling
  • explore how people feel on the trending topics with a real time emotional graph provided.
  •  personal graph helps you to track your personal feelings over time
  • share your emotes ( usually emoji’s) on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter to your friends.
  • You can make use of this app to send the instant messages/information according to your mood .
  • Version :1.0.1
    Size: 113 Mb
    Launch date:27,June 2017.


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