Eurion pattern – The Counterfeiting Technology

What is Eurion Pattern? : The EURion constellation (also known as Omron rings or doughnuts) is a pattern of symbols introduced onto a number of banknote designs worldwide since about 1996. It is added to help imaging software detect the presence of a banknote in a digital image which in turn helps detect counterfeiting

Hey did you ever think about the technology most of the nation’s use in their currency notes to prevent duplicate notes or counterfeiting? Though there are many technologies used, there is a common thing in many of the currencies called Eurion Pattern. Do you know about Eurion Pattern?

If no then come on let us know about Eurion Pattern.

Eurion pattern

This five dot pattern derived from the Orion constellation is the pattern used by most of the nations today to prevent counterfeiting of the currency

Eurion on various notes
This Eurion pattern prevents us to photocopy the currency. Almost all the famous company software and photocopiers like Adobe and so on  recognise this pattern and do not allow to copy or edit currency, if you are interested you can try copying and see what do your printer says, it will warn you that you are not allowed to photocopy  a currency or you can try editing a scanned copy of a note using Adobe software and see that you will not be able to do so.

Till date, there are no pieces of evidence about the origin of this pattern but in our research, we found some old patent papers which say that this pattern was designed by Omron Corporation, a Japanese electronics company.
This pattern was a secret for a long time until a person named Markus Kuhn unveiled its presence on the major currency in 2002
You can watch our YouTube video on this topic

You can see this pattern on all the Indian currency that is  notes of 50 (2006), 100 (2005) and 500 (2000) rupees (both 2nd edition), 500 rupees (2016), 1000 rupees (2000), 2000 rupees (2016)
So that was all about Eurion pattern. Eventhough much information is not available, I have tried my best to give maximum information about Eurion pattern.

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