Fast charging

This is the generation in which mobile has become the all time gadget i.e every person uses this and all the work will be carried out through this mobile only. Now ,in this world we are in situation that we cant live for a second without our mobile phone .In the past ,mobiles were charged with the normal charger because of the less usage.But ,now we are using it incredibly .So,it requires the fast charging and maximum charging capacity batteries.This led to the evolution of the fast charging .
Qualcomm has launched the quickcharge 1.0 technology which has IC that it accepts more power and charges the battery fastly. This allows to charge 30% of the battery in 30 minutes.
Qualcomm has also launched quick charge 2.0. Processor like 800,600,400 series has come up with the 2.0 technology.This allows to charge up to 50%or 60%in 30 minutes.
Normal charger has the output power of 5watts.In qulacomm quick charge 1.0,output power is 10 watts .In wick charge 2.0 ,it depends on the battery level ie it has minimum of 10 watts and maximum of 18 watts output.
Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 has efficient output power.In 2.0 it has the voltagas of 5v and 9v .It has to charge either of 5or 9 v .If it does not accept 9V ,suddenly drops to 5V .But in this 3.0, it has the voltages from 3.6V-12 v in which they can be altered by every 200mv varies with the battery levels .It varies the with battery level and gives the output power accordingly but does not jump directly from 9Vto 5V like in 2.0.Processor like 820,620,617,618,,430…has this qualcomm quick charge 3.0.

Fast chargers of all the companies like Samsung,Motorola .. are same,just they differ in their brand name.So,you can use fast charger of any brand.Usage of the fast chargers does not damage /effect your phone battery .One thing that you can use this fast charger only if it has the feature of fast charge. If your phone supports the fast charger ,usage of the normal charger doesn’t damage your mobile. You can use the normal charger also.

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