Fermat’s last theorem- world’s toughest problem

Fermat’s last theorem, did you ever listen about this. We see many math problems during our academic as well as daily life, they can be divided into three categories as follows

  1. They look simple and are really simple
  2. They look really difficult and are difficult
  3. They look very simple but are extremely difficult

Fermat’s last theorem is such a problem which comes under third category. Let us see how this problem looks like.

The theorem states that, there are no three numbers which satisfy the given equation


                                                                                                       Where n is a number greater than 2.

Fermat’s last theorem is considered as the toughest problem in the world of the mathematics.

Pierre de Fermat wrote about this theorem in a copy of Arithmetica, he claimed that he had a proof for the theorem and this claim was found 30 years after his death,

Thereafter, many mathematicians have tried to give a proof but all went wrong and for 358 years not a single proof, even came close to correct proof.

After 358 years in 1994 Andrew Wiles came up with a proof and was formally published in 1995 and this proof was a fruit of his years of hard work.

The proof is so long that it is equal to a medium sized book.

Fermat’s theorem also have Guinness world record as the toughest problem and the main reason is largest number of wrong proofs given to it.

So I hope that you got to know how, even world’s most renowned mathematicians failed to solve a simple looking problem

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