Fields medal -Nobel prize of mathematics

I am damn sure that you would have heard about Nobel prize. But do you know about fields medal? Do u know about it’s importance and it’s specialty? If no, then read till the end to get complete information about it. Fields medal is one of the most prestigious award in the field of mathematics. As you all might be knowing that there is no Nobel prize for mathematics, this prize is arguably equivalent to Noble prize for mathematics.
Fields medal is given to two, three or four people every four years. The specialty is that it is given to mathematics under 40 years of age only.Fields medal is given at the international Congress of International Mathematical Union(IMU) which is held once in every four years.This medal was first awarded in 1936 and it’s name is kept in honor of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields. This medal comes with a monetary fund of CA15000 ( 854062.50INR).    The medal was designed by Fields himself and the medal features Archimedes and some lines written in Latin. Recently in 2014 and in 2018 two of the mathematicians namely Manjul Bhargav and Akshay Venkatesh got this medal which is a very proud thing and a thing to know as an Indian. So that’s it for this article, I hope you got to know something new, if yes, do share it and subscribe to our newsletter.

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