Different certifications given by CBFC to the films

Guys have you ever observed certified symbols in the beginning of the movie? If not ,keep reading this article to know about them..

Different certifications are given to the movies by ” CBFC – Central board of film certification ” which is commonly known as ‘ Censor board ‘,classification body under Ministry of information and broadcasting ,Government of India.

  • U (Universal)– Unrestricted public exhibition i.e any one can watch a film . These films can contain universal themes like education, family, drama, romance, science,action etc.

  • UA-Unrestricted public exhibition under parental guidance for children below 12 years of age. These films can contain some strong violence, frightening scenes and muted abusive and filthy language.

    UA certification


  • A (Adult specified)-restricted to the adults that is only teenagers can watch this film’s. some controversal and adult themes are presented.
A certification
  • S(specialized)-Restricted only to the specific field members ie only doctors ,engineers,lawyers etc.
S certification
  • Some of the other certified symbols like V/U, V/UA and V/A are given to the videos that are taken from the films.

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