Flow light

Red ,Orange green lights regulates our vehicles flow in the streets.They indicate actions like Go,start, stop. In the same manner ,to avoid coworkers get disturbed by their  colleague in offices , flow light is introduced.

Flowlight system, technology implemented by a team of researchers at the University of Zurich to help international industrial design company ABB Group to indicate when workers are “in the zone” and should not be disturbed.

Flow light is combination of traffic light like LED light and also a software which runs in the background of users computer.This lets the coworkers to know among themselves that who are busy at work.A small interruption can cause huge loss,errors in the code,more time consumption to complete a work.A small disturbance may incur vast loss ,need lots of time and money to recover.So to avoid those situations ,flow light can be used.

Flow light colour by application is measured by the users availability based on the keyboard and mouse of the user.In a large-scale longitudinal field study involving 449 ABB employees across 12 countries, Flowlight was found to reduce the interruptions of participants by 46 percent. This also increased the productivity and gave better results.

“The biggest challenge is the tradeoff between the FlowLight algorithm’s accuracy and the invasiveness and privacy of the user,” Fritz continued.Fritz also said  that “While monitoring more of a user’s computer interaction ,more they track of the user the more invasive it is, and the more privacy concerns users have. They have therefore opted for an algorithm that is based on keyboard and mouse interaction, takes the personal history into account, and also does some smoothing of the data to avoid too many frequent changes.”

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