GMR Effect – the effect that changed tech world

Hey guys, I am sure that you all use pen drives, memory cards for various data transfer and data storage purposes. Did you ever try to find out the science behind these devices? All these devices work on the principle of GMR effect.

Let me tell you about the size of such devices before discovery of GMR effect. First of all GMR is the abbreviation for Giant Magneto Resistance effect. So before the discovery of this effect, people used to carry a 5 MB hard drive in a truck as it weighed almost 100 kg, you can see in the photo given below. Now let me tell you how much is 5MB, a raw photo taken by a 6 Megapixel camera needs a storage space of 8MB, so imagine once, to store one such photo we need two of such huge hard drives. Just imagine how terrible it would be, if the same thing existed today, can you imagine your life? No right. In very less time we have seen a huge revolution in storage devices and its credit goes to GMR effect and its discoverers Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg. They even got a Nobel Prize in 2007 for this discovery.
Now let me tell you about this effect. GMR effect is basically a Nano magnetic effect seen when a thin layer of some materials is kept between thin layers of iron. It was first discovered in iron and chrome layers. This effect can be used very effectively to read and write data on hard drives. I don’t want to go into deep details of this effect, if you are really interested you can go to the below given Wikipedia link and read more scientific details about this effect. Wikipedia link Hats off to those two scientists who discovered this effect, without it once imagine where we would be. So that’s it guys, I hope you like this article, if you do please subscribe to our newsletter and do follow us on social media. Considering sharing this article with your curious friends who love to know new things.

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