Google Allo|Smart messaging app

Google allo is the amazing messaging app developed by Google launched on september 21,2016.It is available in ios and android operating systems.It has unique expressing android features ” whisper shout ” .Allo is based on phone numbers, not by social media or email accounts.It has a simple and nice interface.
The app uses phone numbers as identifiers, and allows users to exchange messages, files, voice notes and images,stickers.
It has the unique feature of Google assistant which is virtual,it gives a list of suggestions to respond and from which we can select and send apt reply
It also has photo analyzer which gives you the smart reply to that picture.
can get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them or adding text.
It has an option of sliding also.If we want to shout then slide it up and it represents by increasing the message size .If we want to whisper then slide it down and it represents by decreasing the message size.

We can even ask for the places ,restaurants ,receipe of food items ie googling also can be done etc.. and can get the answers also.

It has updated later on
-to get incognito mode for group chats ,
-to restore and back up the files ,
-to add cartoon stickers on selfie photos,
powered by artificial intelligence technology .
-Google also launched “selfie clips”.

Incognito mode is an optional mode that includes expiring chats, private notifications, and end-to-end encryption. Incognito mode does not include any Smart Reply or Google Assistant features. When the user receives a sticker from a sticker pack that they do not already have installed on their device, the app will retrieve the sticker from Google’s servers using security, but not end-to-end encryption.


But Assistant isn’t perfect, and sometimes it responds with answers unrelated to questions at hand, or it will respond with an answer to an earlier question and it’s then that it can inadvertently reveal a previous search query and the response was not merely a non sequitur.But most of the suggestions are proper only.

So download the app and enjoy the exciting features .Hope that Google comes up with the more exciting,innovative apps .Keep reading  our articles,share ,support…

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