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Google has launched a certification last year and is conducting an exam for this certification so to know more about this certification keep reading

Google, as we all know is a gigantic company and getting an Android certification from them is really cool . So if you want to get that what you have to do is just go to their website and then 149$ and sign up will see a take test button in your dashboard ,click it will be given an existing Android project
And a downloadable file which  you have to copy to Android studio where you have to do various things like debugging ,ui……..etc
4. and within 48 hours you have to submit it
After submission a group of machines and humans will test it and if you fulfill the requirements mentioned at the time of download
This certification is really awesome it gives you a recognition of professional Android developer and moreover you can add this in your resume also

I too want to get that but I currently do not have that deep Android development skills required for it but very soon with 1 or 2 years I will surely achieve that.
And I would like to tell you that Google is also giving many other certifications also like

1.Mobile web specialist

2. Professional cloud architect

3. Professional data engineer

You can try these also if you have mastered any of these skills
So hope you like this article
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