Google search lite

Lite versions are made available for the people who are using poor speed data. Facebook Lite ,Facebook Messenger Lite ,Twitter Lite etc has brought their Lite versions. Like wise, Google has launched a less heavy version of Google search,Google search lite in some selective regions across world.

If we have less speed data like  2G in our mobile phones ,then  Google page will be loaded very slowly. Now this version helps us to escape from such problems. Purpose of designing is to be faster, uses less data and specifically designed for the regions with slow and less speed internet .

Google search lite displays all the icons link to Google services in the starting page of the app. It also provides a search bar at the bottom of the page.
While you get search displayed as the first option, you can also open news,translate option ,offline pages , weather or nearby information, or open images and top sites using the icons.All these operations occurs in the app itself and does not redirect to any other apps.

This was introduced typically for countries like Indonesia, India & Brazil where a majority of users are on 2G or very slow internet connection. App is available in 4 different languages in which we can choose a option. We can switch between languages by swiping the screen sideways while using app.

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