Google tilt brush

Tilt brush is a room-scale 3D virtual application developed by Google .It was released for platform Microsoft Windows on April 5th ,2016.Using ‘Tilt Brush’ artists can create 3D paintings in a virtual space.All we need to paint is only HTC vive VR headset and also the Google tilt brush app ,available on steam software distribution platform. However, moving forward it’s quite possible that the app comes to other VR headsets (e.g. Oculus Rift , Gear VR ) as well.
Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Share your creations easily:
Share your artwork as room scale VR masterpieces or as animated GIF’s  . It also has  option to share your 3D creations with others, both as full-room-sized VR ready creations and small animated GIFs .
Dynamic brush :
It provides a handy colour provider to choose colour of our choice. From ink and smoke to snow and fire, explore the wonders of virtual palette. The brushes also include numerous designer stroke options, such as Hypercolor, Thick Paint and Rainbow.

Walk around your art :

Painting in a 3D environment isn’t really any good if you can’t plunge yourself in it. Unlock the chances of painting in room.It actually lets you to Walk through the creation.This lets you visualize the creations as floating colour strokes and shapes all around you.

Intuitive interface:
Doodler or expert,unleash your creativity in no time.It has a flexible interface with all the menu features like undo,colour picker etc .It also has a unique option of taking screenshot with snapshot tool provided.

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