Hello English

Most of the members wish to speak English fluently but because of unavailability of proper sources and proper guidance ,they leave their wish to go in air.

Here is a best app named ‘Hello English’ .Hello English is a Fire that ignites your wish /provides a path towards your passion to speak English.

Hello English not only make English speaking skills better but also enhances writing,reading and listening skills.

Founders of Hello English are Nishant Patni,Pranshu Patni and launched in October,2014.

‘ Hello English ‘ is available on various platforms like IOS ,Android,Windows and web .It also supports 22 languages like Spanish,Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Chinese,Kannada, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Arabic, Portuguese, Malay, Turkish ,Thai and Nepali.

Services provided by Hello English makes it uniqueness like

  • 475 Interactive Lessons for practice,
    Interactive games -users Will be more excited to play games rather than simple reading/studying.
  • Conversation practice games for interacting and to gain more info.
  • Dictionary which is bilingual with 10,000books
  • Practice using News -i.e audio-video files,articles and ebooks etc this makes you aware about the news and also gets practice.
  • Global and local Rank is also issued which brings sportiveness in users .They can also analyse their performance.
  • Can have discussions with teachers.
  • Assignments will be given daily to enhances ourselves.
  • It also has a friend feature ” ‘ to follow’ and ‘people following you’ “.

So guys ,once visit the app to understand more ..stay tuned for more helpful articles..

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