How do we know the age of dinosaur bones?

Did you hear people telling age of dinosaurs? Did you ever wonder how do they tell that? So it is possible because of carbon dating method. Let us know about this carbon dating method.


Almost everything on the earth have carbon in it. Carbon exists in two isotopic form namely C-12 and C-14. C-14 is radioactive in nature and decays very slowly with a half-life time of nearly 5000 years. Now when an organism is living in the atmosphere it have a fixed quantity of C-14. As the food we consume contain carbon and that surely contains C-14, even though C-14 in our body decay the food we consume balance C-14 content making it almost fixed. Due to this number of atoms decaying per second remains constant for the living period.

carbon date

Once an organism dies there is only decay going on in it, due to which the C-14 content decreases.

When scientists find dinosaur bones they test for activity of C-14 by testing number of decays per second of C-14. By getting it and by using the laws of chemical kinetics they can approximately find the age of the bones.


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