Human Head transplant – one of the biggest milestone in medical history

Hey guys I know that you might have heard about heart transplant ,kidney transplant ,lever transplant etc but to astonishment of whole human kind today an Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero has claimed the first successful human head transplant.

Sergeo Canavero

As this was a test only, this transplant was done between two dead bodies.the exact proceedure is still not known and Sergio Canavero told that they will be publishing a journal with all the details very soon.

The rough proceedure which was revealed says that during this proceedure the body is cooled to very low temperatures so that the neurons and the brain get preserved till one hour and then using a very thin scalpel head is separated from the body and using some special chemicals like polyethylene glycol (PEG) which promote the growth of spine cells,head is attached to other body after connecting all the blood vessels carefully.
After that the neurons in the body were somehow stimulated and it was found that the neurons in head responded confirming the success of the surgery.
Sergio said that it took them 18 hours to perform this super complicated surgery that too on a corpse then guys think how much time it would require for an alive human.he also said that they have spent 140 cores for this surgery.

It is estimated that it would require 300 specialists and 36 hours time to perform this surgery on an alive human.
Sergio said that this surgery would further extend human life time and in future we can totally control life and death process.

Sergio said that he and his team would be performing head transplant on alive human in near future and as they did not get permission in America and Europe so he is going to do this in China on an anonymous Chinese who’s body is paralysed below head .His head will be transplanted on to the body of a brain dead person .

Let us pray that this surgery become a success .

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