Indian Railways launched its first Solar train

Indian Railways (IR) launched its India’s first solar powered 1600HP DEMU(diesel electrical multiple unit )train on Friday (14th July 2017) from safdarjung railway station in Delhi.It is environmental friendly .

The new train built at Integral coach factory (ICF) in ChennaI and has a life of about 25 years .

It has the capacity of 89 people per coach .This is a 10 coach train in which 2 are motor coaches and 8 are passenger coaches.Cost of solar panels on six coaches cost Rs 9 lakh each.The train has a total of 16 solar panels of 300 watts in each coach.The energy stored by these panels will be stored in batteries for the night usage.It has power back up and can run battery at least for 72 hours.It is going to save the expenditure of Rs 12 lakhs on the diesel per annum.The solar power will help in reducing 9tons of carbon dioxide emission per coach per annum.

Route: Train will run from Sarah Rohilla in Delhi to Farukh nagar in Haryana.
Coaches :10 (2 motor coaches , 8 passenger coaches)
Cost: Rs.13.54 crore.
The solar panels will power all the electrical appliances inside.
Suresh prabhu,Railway misnister has started the train.He has started the mobile app also named ‘Rail Sarathi’ to avail the services of railways. He said that Lower berths of 3 Ac bogis are reserved for the handicapped and the middle berth for the people who came along with handicapped.IR is going to make 24 coaches train in the coming 6 months.Time period of 365 days for the pre booking of the foreigners has reduced to 120 days.
Our Indian Railway is striving for the best .So hope for the excellent working and maximum efficiency of the train.keep reading,subscribe our newsletter….

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