India’s first driverless tractor developed by Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra and mahindra has manufactured India ‘s first driverless tractor which was developed at the company’s R&D centre Mahindra Research Valley near Chennai. Tractor will be  officially launched in the next year 2018 .

It will be launched officially in 3 phases .First phase with the driver assistance ,second one with apparent driverless and at last complete driverless tractor.Main challenges expected to face with this tractor isapptoval government and affordable cost that satisfy all people.However,this are only for the small farmers and not for the developed countries like Europe.Goenka said “R&D department is working hard to ensure the price is affordable and satisfy the farmers “.”We will export this technology to the US, Japan, Turkey and Finland among other countries which have similar farming as well as cultivation activities”said Goenka managing director of M&M.

Goenka also claimed that the company currently holds 43% market share in the Indian tractor industry. The tractor technology, he said, can fit all models up to 150 HP and be utilised extensively in a landholding of 50 hectares.He said “DiGiSENSE’ technology that we launched last year, the driverless tractor offers a distinct advantage to the Indian farmer by bringing an unprecedented level of intelligence to the tractor”.
Unique features of this tractor are -Auto steer(which makes tractor to travel in a straight line),auto-headland turn (enabling the tractor to rotate itself along adjacent rows for continuous operation without any steer control from the farmer); geofence lock (prevents tractor from going outside the boundaries of the farm), etc.Remote engine start-stop (which enables us to start or stop tractor from the distance also).

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