Keplers space telescope

Are we alone ? Do others exists?To get the apt answer to this crucial question ,NASA’s keplers telescope has come up with all the data in it.

It has discovered that there are 10 planets which are identical to earths size and temperature.NASA in 2009 has sent Kepler into space to learn about the existence of planets same like earth in abundance or not .Astronomers have added 219 candidates into the list of the planets beyond our solar system which were discovered in 4 year mission of Kepler .Astronomers discovered that these might be those planets they are around the stars.
Astronomers said that focus on the questions like “Does the planets identical to earth exists or not?,Any others exists other than us?” will be kept .out of this 219 ,found 10 planets identical.Scientists found these planets on observation of about 2,00,000 stars present in cygnus constellation.They include newly discovered Rocky worlds that are in right direction from their parents stars for water ,if exists there, to pool on the surface.Scientists believe that liquid water is a key ingredient for life.This shows that there may be chance of hosting the life.

Scientist, Mario Perez call with the reporters said that ” Kepler tells indirectly that we are not alone”.
During  4 years mission ,it has found 2335 confirmed planets and also 1699 planets.Totally found 4034 candidates that are identical to planets.That number includes there may be 50worlds that May be about same size and temperature identical to earth. Kepler data also provided a new way to assess whether a planet has a solid surface,like earth or made mostly of gases ,like Neptune.

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